Trip to England - March 2019

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The Students and teachers went for a punt on the river Cam and enjoyed learning about the city from the water. The punt is similar the is similar to a Venetian gondola/

Some students having a punt on the river Cam. They discovered the back of different colleges with the magnificent willow trees.

Off they go !

Near King’s College, a group of pupils is listening to one of our guides, Debbie, taking us through Cambridge to discover the different colleges and the famous Trinity College.


On Tuesday, we visited the National Coal Mining Museum. The students wore helmets and had a tour down the pit by former miners. Unfortunately, no devices with battery were allowed so we don’t have any pictures but the experience was really memorable especially when they had us turn off all the torches and we ended up in complete darkness !

​In the afternoon, we rode through a renactment of a former Viking Village in Jorvik Viking Centre. Again, it was such an experience as they even recreated the wretched smell of the time... yuck ! After the renactment, we saw various Viking artifacts that were disovered in York like swords, trinkets and even skeletons !

Finally, we had a walking tour of York during which we discovered (as seen in the photographs) the majestic Carhedral of York and the Shambles, a very old and narrow street that used to be a street full of butchers’ shops and houses


Today, we were lucky to visit Haworth, the Brontë country, wandering through the village gave the students The opportunity to experience the gothic atmosphere : what a gloomy setting in the cemetery.

They also had a tour of the Bronte’s sisters former house called a parsonage where they could discover interesting facts about their way of life, and also observe the room in which Emily wrote her most famous novel, Wuthering Heights.Some students even dressed up like in the time !

​Then, we hit the road again on our way to Bradford.

When we arrived, we went to the National Science Media Museum and the students navigated through theWonderlab, a lab where they interacted with different games and mechanisms, for example ; a mini maze of mirrors.

They also enjoyed playing old video games like the original Nintendo console ! The museum was quite interesting and also included exhibits detailing the history of photography, tv and animation.

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